_____________ was a member of Kappa Gamma Pi, the National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society. We, as representatives of this society, would like to present a short memorial service. The patroness of our society is Catherine of Alexandria, a brilliant third century doctor, whose love of wisdom led to a profound and lasting love of Jesus Christ.

Let us begin with prayer.

Dear God,

Thank you for the beauty of life, for the joys of nature, family and friends. Thank you for LOVE. Heal our pain and sorrow and give us the strength to live on knowing that we are not alone, but that Our Lord walks with us.

Thank you for the life of _______ . Thank you for her/his faith and service that enriched the lives of all of us who gather in her/his memory. let us look to those who have gone before us as examples of living. May we do Good and spread LOVE. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

The motto of Kappa Gamma Pi is Faith and Service; our symbols are the cross of faith and the wheel of service. In the following reading we are reminded how to love and serve one another.

1 Peter 1:8-11 Let your love for one another be constant, for love covers a multitude of sins. Be mutually hospitable without complaining. As generous distributors of God’s manifold grace, put your gifts at the service of one another, each in the measure he has received. The one who speaks is to deliver God’s message. The one who serves is to do it with the strength provided by God. Thus , in all of you, God is to be glorified through Jesus Christ. This is the word of the Lord.

Response: Thanks be to God.

In her/his life _________ exemplified Faith and Service. Together let us recite the Lord’s Prayer (or the 23rd Psalm or other appropriate prayer).

This concludes our service. May the soul of _________ and of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

Service Options:

  • A Kappa friend may give a short personal eulogy.
  • The Chapter may make a contribution to the KGP Cornaro
  • Scholarship Fund or a favorite charity of the deceased.